About the blog


My name is Tasha and I am a early-ish career wastewater engineer practicing in Ontario, on the municipal side.

Sometime recently I came to realize that I was moving from being a total n00b to kind of knowing things and I figured it might be useful to start writing some of those things down.

I came into the field as a first generation engineer – hell, a first generation technical professional – and I had no idea how anything worked. It was scary and there were a lot of growing pains. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences I might make life a little easier for people new to the field, especially women and first-gens. There are some great organizations out there, but I think it’s useful to have a frank and informal discussion about what challenges young and early-ish career people face.

Obviously, everything seen here is my own opinion and doesn’t reflect the opinions of anyone I might work for or volunteer with.